ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001 assessments The first stage will be to assess all areas of your organisation that have an impact on the Environment. Your appointed Auditor will be able to check current systems and documentation that is being used and inform you of any improvements or additions required.

Some of the main areas they will be assessing:

  • Site activities
  • Documentation compliance
  • Documentation management
  • Processes
  • Regulatory requirements of ISO 14001
  • Recording of information
  • Do a company management review and internal audits
  • Staff awareness and training

During the audit you will be assessed on:

  • Documentation control
  • Records being kept
  • Staff and management conformance to the system
  • How the system is working in each area of the organisation
  • Staff training necessary to meet the requirements

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ISO 14001 Regular Auditing Procedure

The next stage is the audit to check processes are being followed and documentation is kept up to date.